Brise by Wonho Lee

Friday, January 22, 2021
This project begins with the question: 

Why aren't we using fans? 

The typical fans that we have in mind today tend to be ugly, useless and noisy and this is what, with this project, Wonho Lee seeks to change.

Brisé is a ballet movement whose curved posture serves as the inspiration for this fan. The blades are hidden inside the device's body allowing you to create a smooth and equally distributed air stream in all directions.

Although it is a fan, Brise also works as a functional piece of furniture allowing you to place things on top of it.

The project has won several awards including:

Red Dot Design Award 
2020 Winner (Design Concept - Home Furniture)

2020 Silver (Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design)

2020 Platinum (Spring Student Design - Product & Industrial)

2020 Winner (Industrial)

Korea Design Exhibition Award
2020 Bronze (Student Division - Furniture Design)

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Project by
Wonho Lee

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