Changing our way of thinking about Neon Packaging

Saturday, May 02, 2020
Neon color palettes on packaging, used to be associated with cheap products or products made to catch the attention of young teenagers but that is a thing from the past.

The intention of this post is to showcase a collection of packaging design work from different studios around the world that have managed to mix neon colors with interesting die cuts using specialized finishes in order to make them stand out among other products within the same industry.

Dalila Zewdie's House of Graphics packaging set.

House of Graphics.
Although this project never made it to the shelf, we admire Dalila Zewdie's experiment, as described by her, to assess the effects of deep colors and the limits on human eyes.

Vocation Brewery. Beer packaging.

Vocation Brewery.
Robot Food designed this packaging for a West Yorkshire brewery ( Vocation ) for their inaugural range of Pilsners. Neon colors never looked so good on beer.

Bermellón Candy boxes.

Bermellón Candy.
This work by Anagrama was developed for a Mexican candy company called Bermellón. The neon colors were used to try to reflect the product's acid and spicy flavors typical of Mexican candy.

Carry-out boxes for Rhubarbe Patisserie.

Rhubarbe Patisserie.
The project does not specify, but we assume these boxes, designed by Nouvelle Administration are carry-out for the Montreal Patisserie's mouth watering products.

Foam Factory mailing bag.

Foam Factory.
Sarah Gwan created this nice design psychedelic concept for a cosmetic soap brand called Foam Factory. Taking inspiration from the 1970's typographic styles and slang, the end result of these mailing bags is pretty cool.

Cocofloss dental floss neon packaging.

Another packaging with neon by Anagrama but this one for a very different industry: Dental floss. Most oral care brands are white-colored. Cocofloss neon packaging displays a fun a vibrant visual language for products within this industry.

Creative proposal for Edge Wine packaging.

Edge Wine.
We couldn't find a lot of information about this wine packaging by Studio JQ so we assume its a creative proposal for wine packaging. Not many wines use neon colors, so we're sure these will catch the attention of someone looking for something different in the liquor store.

T2 Tea box packaging set.

T2 Tea.
Designed by their in-house team, we really enjoy the use of neon on this range of luxurious tea boxes and packs. T2 added spot UV and hot foil stamping to create a very nice looking packaging line for Tea.

Youth Lab retro-futuristic cosmetic packaging.

Youth Lab.
As described by the agency behind this packaging design, Mouse Graphics, this retro-futuristic styled cosmetic brand is intended for women who are well informed and prefer not to spend on highly advertised products.

Penhaligon Perfumes packaging design proposal.

Penhaligon Perfumes.
This is a very nice looking school brand shift project by Qinglu Guo. Penhaligon is a British perfume brand founded in the late 1800's. The designer's intention was to see how contemporary packaging design could work for a vintage brand. We like it.

All of the work on this post was taken from each of the designer's and/or product brand websites:

House of Graphics by Dalila Zewdie.
Vocation Brewery by Robot Food.
Bermellón by Anagama.
Rhubarbe Patisserie by Nouvelle Administration.
Foam Factory by Sarah Gwan.
Cocofloss by Anagama.
Edge Wine by Studio JQ
T2 Tea by T2
Youth Lab by Mouse Graphics.
Penhaligons by QingLu Guo

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