Humour & Tragedy in the work of Harriet Moutsopoulos

Sunday, July 19, 2020
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Harriet Moutsopoulos is an Australian collage artists working under the name of Lexicon Love and whose work shows her self-described pull towards the surreal and unsettling seeking the unexpected connections between humour and tragedy.

Collages are art pieces resulting from the conglomeration of different elements that create a new element different from each individual piece employed. Much like a system, the final art piece has an emergent quality that cannot be explained by each individual part considered independently.

When we look at Harret's work, we cannot deny that at first some weirdness invades our thoughts, but as we continue to observe the bizarreness, humour subtly emerges from the details taking over of our attention. 

I often combine food with portraits. On the surface, this absurd combination appears to reject any sense of reason (an extension of my own twisted sense of humour). However, obscuring the faces of my portraits with food is designed to not only challenge traditional notions of beauty, but also to provoke, tease and confuse the observer.

View Harriet's full work on her website:

Here are a couple of our favorites:

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