ManoMano, an e-commerce company specializing in gardening & DIY

Tuesday, March 16, 2021
ManoMano is a French e-commerce company in the gardening and Do-it-yourself ( DIY ) industries.

This brand concept was developed by Mathilde Vallée as a proposal and was based on the following brand values: creation, emotion and simplicity. The reasoning behind the concept considers each person having a unique approach to DIY or gardening ranging from simple troubleshooting to serious hobbies, but always considering the handmade side. 

From the project's website:

ManoMano supports the wildest projects, but always with simplicity.

ManoMano brand poster.

ManoMano identity proposal.

ManoMano brand poster.

ManoMano logo with color variations.

ManoMano stationery.

ManoMano bag.

ManoMano brand posters.

Project by
Mathilde Vallée

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