Black is a Color by Tim Tadder

Friday, September 25, 2020
Tim Tadder is a talented Artist, Photographer, Director & Producer of stunning visual projects. One of his latest ones is titled 'Black is a color', a set of images whose objective goes farther than the incredible mix of colors.

The objective behind the project is to create conscience into seeing race in a a non-binary fashion appreciating the beauty in humanity.

From Tim's Behance profile:

I hope this collection encourages empathy, unity & a non-binary view of race. Black is a color challenges one to see past profiling & foresee the beauty that is capable of elevating the human experience. 

Black is a color demands that we look past skin tone, & into beautiful, infinitely complex humans whose lives matter equally. Black is a beautiful color & intrinsically linked to my own liberation as an artist. 

Please visit Tim Tadder's website here:

image.jpeg 540.16 KB

image.jpeg 1.05 MB

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