Mano Pizza by Goods

Monday, January 25, 2021
Mano Pizza is a small chain in Norway specialized in Neapolitan pizzas and sold by the meter. Just like in Italy, the dough is stretched by hand and cooked in a gas oven. The design concept was created by Goods agency and developed around "The Italian hand", that commonly known hand gesture commonly used to emphasize something. 
Their pizzas are square and are sold in meter segments (12.5cm / 25cm / 50cm / 100cm). Thanks to the Norwegian cardboard and paper recycling system, the boxes can be reused many times. 

Mano Pizza. 50cm Pizza box.

Mano Pizza. Stacked boxes.

Mano Pizza. 25cm pizza box.

Mano Pizza. 25cm / 50cm / 75cm / 100cm pizza box set.

Mano Pizza logo.

Mano Pizza logo on the side of a pizza box.

Mano pizza illustration.

Mano Pizza matches.

Mano Pizza 25cm box side view.

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