Michlberger fruit spirit by Zoltán Visnyai

Monday, January 04, 2021
Palinka is a traditional fruit spirit whose denomination is limited to products made 100% with fruits or herbs from the Carpathian Mountains and grown in Hungary. 
Michlberger is a Palinka brand from a family business that is produced in small batches and with very high quality, as described in the project profile designed by Zoltán Visnyai
The most distinguishable element of this visual identity proposal is the gradient in the corner of the bottle that makes the product stand out visually. 
The colors match with the color of the fruits, and the gradient reflect to the process of distillation.
image.jpeg 224.57 KB

image.jpeg 288.22 KB

image.jpeg 313.61 KB

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Student project designed by 
Photography by 

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