The Venn series, a Carrara marble lighting set.

Friday, February 19, 2021
The Venn lamp series, designed by Offof, are a set of lamps made out of Carrara marble. This type of marble is white or blue-grey and is popular for its use in sculpture and building decor combined with wood and iron materials.

According to the studio's project website:

It will be loved for a long time for its intrinsic value that will not easily change over the years.

The name of this series derives from the Venn Diagram, a mathematical concept showing logical relations between a collection of sets. The intersections create interesting shapes that inspired the lighting pieces.

The project includes three products: pendant light, wall light and table light.

Venn Table Lamp.

Carrara marble extraction site.

Venn lighting render.

Venn series

Venn diagram set intersections.

Table lamp detail

Ceiling lamp detail

Venn lamp component.

Project by

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