ZhuanZhuan Group Logistics Packaging

Monday, February 15, 2021
ZhuanZhuan is an online marketplace on which users can buy and sell secondhand goods. The company operates as a goods trading unit of China's largest online marketplace 58.com.

For this project, 牤 坨坨 and Hua Qianhua worked on new packaging focused on helping the company communicate their quality inspection and selection process as a differentiation point through this new brand contact point.

As described by their project website: 

Logistics packaging is often overlooked, but directly related to consumers' purchasing experience and brand impression. 

ZhuanZhuan packaging box 360 view.

Zhuan Zhuan packaging boxes.

Zhuan Zhuan packaging box.

Zhuan Zhuan phone box.

Zhuan Zhuan packaging color palette.

Zhuan Zhuan packaging peel-off detail.

Zhuan Zhuan packaging box undercover view.

Zhuan Zhuan packaging box accessory.

Zhuan Zhuan packaging box set.

Project by
牤 坨坨
Hua Qianhua

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