reMarkable 2 packaging by Goods

Monday, December 14, 2020
The images part of this project arouse a curiosity for electronic tablets other than those of the Apple brand. It seems that the reMarkable 2 is one of those alternatives that look quite promising to fulfill the function for which it was made: to replace paper and notepads.

This Norwegian tablet allows you to take notes and make sketches and then share the result with your device of choice. Although it has mixed reviews where some criticize its lack of functionality compared to its competitors, some others applaud its sensitivity and even the texture and sound so similar to that experienced on a sheet of paper when writing.

Two things I really liked about the company. The first has to do with the Linux-based operating system that is loaded on the tablet and that, although the company warns of loosing the warranty if you modify it and does not recommend it, they recognize that:

"However, we do acknowledge that many linux enthusiasts enjoy open source software, and we think it's great if people find ways to get reMarkable to work well for them." 

( Quote from Linux Magazine )

The second has to do with its purpose defined by them as: "Help you think" compared to "Replace your laptop" of "conventional" tablets.

image.jpeg 190.97 KB

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Packaging design by Goods.

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