Soy Yo. Centro Cultural Recoleta.

Segunda-feira, 01 de Fevereiro del 2021
Yani & Guille is a design studio based in Buenos Aires specialized in typographic design, lettering, calligraphy and illustration.

According to their website, the "Soy Yo" project is a campaign for the Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity in Argentina developed by the Recoleta Cultural Center.

The project invites the viewer to eliminate labels, stereotypes, prejudices and put aside our own ideas about others. Only one's own thoughts define a person and the question Who am I? re-defines itself every day with one answer: It is I ( Soy Yo ).

The project's typography is honest, humble, and legible. Adaptive letters are used to cover all the surfaces they appear on, creating a strong impact with their bright colors exploding with so much power.

Front view of the "Soy Yo" mural.

Person holding "Soy Yo" poster in front of the mural.

Soy Yo mural view from across the park.

Meeting area in front of the Soy Yo mural.

Project by
Yanni & Guille

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