Gaid University Identity

Monday, December 07, 2020
Gaid University is an online education project of the Yegor Gaidar Foundation, a foundation committed to the principles of free academic discussion, rational perception of history and economy and openness to fair critics and cooperation.

The project's identity was designed by Electric Red Studio.

From the Electric Red Studio project's website:

The project's objective is the dissemination of high-quality information in the sphere of economics and the social sciences.

We loved the project's typographic layout among its deliverables.

image.jpeg 119.52 KB

image.jpeg 243.18 KB

image.jpeg 263.01 KB

image.jpeg 254.44 KB

image.jpeg 279.39 KB

image.gif 9.65 MB

Project credits:
Typeface: Soyuz Grotesk.

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