Pineapple Collaborative connecting and celebrating women who love food

Thursday, March 11, 2021
Pineapple Collaborative is on a mission to connect & celebrate women who love food! They believe that sharing knowledge, supporting each other and coming together for a meal is the best way to create community. 

We believe food is more than just what’s on our plates— what we cook and eat reflects our unique styles, identities, and values.

This sentiment lies at the heart of Pineapple Collaboratives business and their new line of pantry staples featuring women made olive oil & apple cider vinegar.

For this project, STUDIO L'AMI, knew packaging would play a critical role in communicating the brand values.They explored several silhouette pairs that were both sustainable & recyclable. 

For the olive oil we wanted to tap into the nostalgic feeling associated with the classic olive oil tin. 

For the Apple Cider Vinegar they sourced a beautiful apothecary glass bottle with a natural feeling wood/cork top, whose proportions would inherently compliment the tin.

The role of product naming, messaging and how these were expressed through typography meant they could establish a family look & feel.

Pineapple Collective Olive Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar packaging.

Pineapple Collective Olive Oil packaging.

Pineapple Collective Olive Oil packaging: Made by Women.

Pineapple Collective Olive Oil packaging.

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